When someone dies...

Pink floral arrangement in a graveyard.


The most important duty to be carried out after the death of a loved one is registration. if death has occurred in the Barnsley area, an appointment will need to be made with the Registrar at Barnsley Town Hall through the barnsley.gov website. You can access the site using the button below.

Register a death

Documents Required

1. Medical Certificate of death issued by the Hospital

2. Birth Certificate

3. Medical card

Information required by the Registrar

1. Date and place of death

2. Full name of deceased (maiden name if applicable)

3. Date and place of Birth

4. Occupation and home address

5. If married, full name and occupation of surviving spouse

The Registrar will then issue

1. Green certificate for the funeral director

2. White certificate for the DWP

3. Copies of the Death Certificate for insurance, bank accounts etc. (A fee will be payable)

If the death has been reported to the Coroner, the registration procedure will be delayed until the Coroner gives permission to proceed