The Funeral

Leaving home

Poppy field at sunset

Sometimes the family may choose that their loved one should spend their final night in their home, and leave with the funeral cortege the next day.

Chapel of Rest


Others, may prefer to say their Goodbyes at our comforting Chapel of Rest. Before leaving on their final journey. 

Place of worship

St. Mary's Church in Wombwell

At the Place of Worship, a previous meeting would be arranged by the Minister beforehand, where they would create a picture of your loved one to relay to the congregation. The Minister may also ask for a reading or choices of music to be played at the service.

The Crematorium

Ardsley Crematorium

The service at the Crematorium can either be a religious or civil ceremony, which lasts around forty minutes. The speaker can either be a Minister or a Civil Speaker, who again will gather information from you about your loved one and will share stories and loved pieces of music with the assembly.

The Graveside

The entrance to Wombwell Cemetary

The wishes of the deceased may be to bypass the service and attend to the graveside of the reserved plot. A Minister will again offer a few words of comfort to the mourners.

The Wake

Selection of china tea cups

Most families and friends prefer to offer a place to gather after the funeral, whether it be in the home or at a venue. Wombwell Funeral Service will take the chief mourners to the venue.